Rohan Warriors on Foot

The Middle-Earth motivation train is still rolling forward and showing no signs of slowing down! I’ve started building and painting the current starter set for the game, centered around the battle of Pelennor Fields, with Rohan and the Army of the Dead versus Mordor. I’ve wanted to do a Rohan army for a very long time, they are the focus of some of the most evocative scenes in the books/movies in my opinion.

For me Rohan means Riders of Rohan primarily, and I’m mostly excited about putting together a set of models that will let me represent Eomer’s exiled warband that serves as the relief force at Helm’s Deep and the charge of the Rohirrim at Pelennor. These warriors on foot are most likely to be used as dismounted riders rather than starting models, which made them excellent test subjects for a colour scheme.

This army is less about a mad dash to the finish, and more of a passion project, so I’m planning on spending more time on the painting than I did on my goblins.

The rohan plastics are close to 20 years old now (I feel old!), and it shows with some pretty soft details in some places. Overall though the models do a good job of capturing the feel of the movies, which makes them enjoyable to paint. I’ve tried a new format for recording my paint scheme, based on what I’ve seen in some of the official publications, which hopefully is a bit more informative than just listing the paint colours in a paragraph. Feel free to let me know what you think about it or how it could be improved in the comments.

Next step is to get cracking on the rider models, there’s 12 in the starter set and I’ll need around 24 all up to put together the armies I’m interested in, which is a fair few horses to paint!

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