Riders of Rohan pt1

I had a little break from painting last week, but back in the saddle this week with the first mounted Rohan warriors!

The riders were painted as per my last post, the focus for these and where I spent the most time was on the horses. I’m painting these one by one rather than coming up with a repeatable scheme, the goal being to have some nice variety there, but also to keep things interesting.

For each horse I looked up some photos until I found a colour that I found nice or interesting and tried to replicate it. I kept things on the simple side this time around, by mostly sticking to single colour coats, but I’m keen to try some more complex ones on the next batch of riders.

We’ve just entered a snap lockdown over here, which is unfortunate, but if last time around is anything to go by I should get a fair bit of painting time over the next few days.

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