Hell Pit Abomination

I recently acquired another glass cabinet a little larger than my existing ones to display some of my bigger projects all in one place. One of the armies that was placed within was the Skaven I’ve been working on for a little bit. There are only a handful of models left to “finish” that army and seeing them in their grey plastic next to the rest of the painted models motivated me to make some more progress. So behold in all its gruesome glory, the (extremely appropriately named) hell pit abomination.

What a fun model, absolutely covered in details and generally very abominable. It’s been a while since I painted a large monster, let alone an almost entirely flesh coloured one. It was a challenge to keep that much skin visually interesting without going a bit mad painting it all.

The skin being the major feature of the model I wanted to concentrate on that first then go in later for the rest of the details. This allowed me to use some rather messy techniques to get the bulk of the work done and then clean up after myself.

I started by airbrushing on a zenithal undercoat (black all over, followed by light grey from the top), followed by an all over coat of GW Guilliman Flesh contrast. This looked pretty terrible so I followed up by airbrushing some purply magentas from below, and Vallejo Elf Flesh from above. That ended up looking much better so I let everything dry for a few hours and came back in with oil paints, doing a wash of some reddish brick colour all over with some areas darkened with navy blue oils. This was wiped off the raised areas with some makeup sponges, and gave me a nice canvas to work on. A few more hours of drying and I was able to start brush highlighting using GW Bugman’s Glow, GW Cadian Fleshtone, and GW Kislev Flesh where most appropriate (having already created some nice gradients I just used the paint from the list above that matched best, sometimes using two or all three). The rest of the model was relatively quick after that and was completed in a couple of sessions.

As you can see it is holding a fish, which isn’t on the stock model. I pinched an arm from the GW river troll kit for this detail, it fit in there with only minor filling required which was nice.

This was a fun project, and allowed me to play some more with oils which is a tool I’ve been introducing into my painting for a while now and really like. That’s a little less grey on that shelf, with hopefully the rest to come soon!

5 thoughts on “Hell Pit Abomination

  1. I think it is models like this that make me not like the Skaven haha! You did an awesome job on this abomination though, Nic! It fits right in with all those other disgusting rats 😀

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