Imperial Specialists

This has wound up being a nice and quiet weekend, so that means more painted models! These three models are the remainder of the Imperial Specialists set (I painted the officer from the set back in Febuary), and also the last three models in need of painting in my current imperial collection (I have some spare storm trooper models but I have more than I need already painted).

From left to right, we have an R4 astromech droid, a comms specialist, and an FX-9 medical droid. That medical droid is rather sinister looking I must say, not sure I’d be very excited to have that hovering over me if I was injured!

I ended up using the same recipe on the trooper as for the Grenadiers I painted last week, it looks about right for Imperial uniforms which isn’t surprising, the influences for the designs of the costumes are pretty clear!

With these three done, I probably have enough for two standard games’ worth of models (i.e. way more than I need 😉 ) but I’ve thoroughly enjoyed painting Star Wars models and I’m sure there will be more coming my way in the future.

6 thoughts on “Imperial Specialists

  1. That medical droid really does look like something the imperials would use. I think it would terrify most people to get a shot from that one! All three of these look great and I’m enjoying all the Star Wars sculpts. Star Wars Legion is a very tempting game since I do love Star Wars like most people!

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